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Founded and owned by Patricia Kraisman, Arkitektura Consulting is a NJ based Design & Build company with a unique approach: Patricia’s own Space Whisperer Method.


Patricia’s personal and family journey, took her to move around the world.  From her native Argentina where she graduated from Architectural School at the University of Buenos (MS in Architecture) she moved to Spain to finally arrive to the US where she has lived ever since and raised her family.



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A several FREE tools to help you understand their level of readiness before they start a new project. These great tools will guide you toward a successful experience and project.


Not there yet? We can help!

It's the perfect time to bring your dream project to life!

Take your home or your commercial project to the next level.

I'm thrilled when someone decides to invest in their project. I want to hear your story and assist you in building it.

Let's work together. Get in touch with us!

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Eduardo W, NJ

“When we moved into a new neighborhood I asked Patricia if she could make our new house so beautiful my pretty old house would look like a hut. Well, she did! And we love it!."
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