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Patricia Kraisman


“Arkitektura personalized their plan for us; they knew what I wanted even before I did.” - Said Laura K. our customer since 2018.

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Patricia Kraisman

Founded and owned by Patricia Kraisman, Arkitektura Consulting is a NJ based Design & Build company with a unique approach: Patricia’s own Space Whisperer Method.

Patricia personal journey took her to move around the world. From her native Argentina where she obtained her MS in Architecture.

She moved to Europe and other places to lastly arrive to the U.S. where she has lived with her family ever since.

Her travels and personal experiences have forced her to hone a special quality: her unique ability to read between the lines, perceive the hidden cues and deeply connect with her customers regardless of language or other cultural barriers.

She weaves her findings into her design process, capturing what her customers have in their hearts. Her residential work is always customized to her client’s uniqueness and fully represent their lifestyle. Her results are stylish and comfortable spaces designed for family life. Patricia admires modern designs for its always evolving trends that respond to life’s challenges.


ARkITEkTURA Consulting LLC is  Fully Insured and  NJ Licensed

Want to get to know me better? Visit my LinkedIn profile!

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