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The Fringe Benefits of Fabric Trim

Updated: Mar 3

In a world that is leaning towards the minimalistic lifestyle, you would think using fabric trim would be left in the 90’s. Absolutely not! It’s not whether or not to use trim, but HOW to use it and where. The current trend is less is more- just a little bit of fabric trim makes a bold statement, without being overly done and too fussy. Here are some of our favorite ways to use trim throughout the home.

An easy way to add a designer’s touch to curtain panels is adding some trim. Whether you frame the inside of the panel, both sides, or the “U” pattern of the sides and bottom, trim is an elegant way to use fabric trim. We love the look of the West Elm Wooden Bead-trimmed panels which lend a bohemian feel to the simple natural linen panels.

West Elm Panels

Roman shades are beautiful by themselves, but by layering grosgrain ribbon paired with a greek key trim and finish with beading, makes a plain white linen Roman Shade a true work of art. If you want to use a patterned fabric, keep the layers of trim to a minimum. Check out the trim on the Roman Shades that compliment rather than compete with the china cabinet below.

Roman Shades Trimmed

This is a fuchsia-colored beaded trim paired with a citrine geometric fabric to complement the colors in the purple rug dominated area rug.

And voila! Check out what a sunny spot for household chores!

A great way to get that custom look without paying the custom price, is to add fabric trim to retail bedding. It sets your bedroom apart from what you see in the catalogs. Natural materials work best and tend to wash well.

Pom poms aren’t just for cheerleaders. A row of poms on a duvet cover adds a bit of whimsey to any bedding. Bright colors for a kids room, or keep it monochromatic for a softer, Bed and Breakfast feel to a guest bedroom. This option is from Urban Outfitters.

Decorative Pillows

The easiest way to add that designer touch to your home, is with accent pillows with a touch of trim. Back in the 90’s, it was very popular to add trim, tassels, beads, and cording to every single pillow- way too fussy for today’s lifestyle. We suggest having one “wow” pillow to add a bit of pop to your room. This pillow has just the right amount of trim to highlight its message, not distract from it.

Levtex Life and Adventure Accent Pillow |

Furniture with trim? Absolutely! While we often suggest using neutrals for big pieces and change out pillows for the seasons, it’s fun to have a statement piece.

What better way to make a piece stand out than by adding trim? Whether it’s fabric, or an interesting pattern done with nailheads, furniture doesn’t have to be plain throughout the house. When done correctly, adding trim to furniture can become a family heirloom cherished through generations. This giant ottoman has 6-inch wide linen trim with metallic embroidery to add contrast.

How you use fabric trim in today’s minimalistic world is pretty easy. Using a graphic trim sparingly can create quite an impact in space, even if it’s on a single pillow on your couch.

Ready to play with a little trim in your home? Remember, less is more.

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